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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shoe My Shoe-pport

Okay, enough with the pun-y shoes.

Gibbs Cadiz asked me to promote the Cinderella contest by the LeaSalongaFansClub. It’s easy. Just watch Cinderella at the CCP Main Theater (now showing). Then blog about it. Out of the top three entries, THE Ms. Lea Salonga herself will choose the best entry.

The first prize? US$100, plus the Cinderella soundtrack and original DVDs. Shet, one hundred US dollars!

Kaya bilis, shoe-mali na. (Oops, couldn’t help myself. Sawree!)

More details here in Gibbs’ blog.


odin hood said...

"Kaya bilis, shoe-mali na. (Oops, couldn’t help myself. Sawree!)"

sana nilubos mo na... SHOErry instead of sawree. hehe

joelmcvie said...

@ODIN HOOD: I know shoes come in pairs, pero shoe-bra na kasi yun. Sasapatusin na ako ni Gibbs.