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Friday, February 04, 2011

Favorite Blogs, Part One

Late last year the Fabcasters decided to list down our favorite blogs. They need not be the best written, or the most literary. The criteria was simple: each Fabcaster was to note down the five blogs we liked to read. Then Migs compiled our lists and we came up with...

...ta-dah! A Fabcast! We ended up with 15 blogs all in all. Below is the first part of the list. We decided to present them alphabetically, because there is no ranking involved.

Download this fabcast (right click and save)

The Fabcasters’ Fab Fave Blogs of 2010
, Part One
(in alphabetical order)

Blog Name (URL)
1. Back in the Closet (

2. Baklang Maton (

3. Chuvaness (

4. City Buoy (

5. Discreet Manila (

6. Hot Men in the Philippines (
7. I am Fickle Cattle (

8. Jessica Rules the Universe (

The rest of the list to follow in Part Two.

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