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Monday, February 07, 2011

Peace Of Mind

Sometimes I just need to be quiet and stare into space.

In this hurly-burly busy world, the only respite I have is with myself. But even with nothing to do, my mind is often a-buzz with so many things: of worries and plans, of what was and what could have beens, of next steps and what to avoid.

There’s no better rest than letting my mind go blank. One of my most relaxing and exhilarating feelings I know is having my mind shut down, even for just a few seconds. It’s very difficult, you know. Thoughts automatically come on their own, unbidden and incessant. To be free of those is both a treat and a blessing. If I’m quiet I may just be tired, not necessarily depressed or angry. Sometime I just want to rest for even just a few minutes, and quieting my mind is a luxury that’s elusive yet so rewarding.

So if you’re with me and you see me suddenly quiet down, ask me why. And then relax, don’t worry. You just being there with me, for me, is enough.


Felipe said...

Awwwww. Sama ka sa amin minsan. We hang out at Powerplant lang every saturday afternoon/night. :)

joelmcvie said...

@FELIPE: Okey lang na tumunganga lang ako sa harap ninyo? LOL

Anonymous said...

Joel, don't know if you've read any books by Eckhart Tolle about The Power of Now.

it helped me. it might help you out too.

Denz said...

I've just read this haha.