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Sunday, February 06, 2011

“The Sniffles” By Carljoe Javier

It started with me tweeting and Facebook-ing about me enjoying public reading, first during the Threesome book launch, then for the launch of the book about my former employer. After reading about that, a friend hooked me up with Ms. Elyss Punsalan of Pakinggan Pilipinas. It is, in her own words, “a monthly podcast site which features short fiction by Filipino authors.” She gets different people to read these stories, and she produces podcasts out of them and publishes these on her site. You can stream the audio or download the free MP3s from there.

So she got me to read one story, and I recorded it at her “studio” on a bright sunny Sunday morning of January 30. The short story is “The Sniffles” written by Carljoe Javier. It’s a light-hearted story, perfect for the nippy cool February air we’re having; it’s the kind of nippiness that makes everyone and their nipples perky.

Hope this story also perks you and your areola up! To listen, click on this LINK.

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As always, whenever I get a chance to either watch or listen to a performance of mine, I automatically spot the parts wherein I feel I could have done better. Call it the curse of the performer. That’s why I like theater; once it’s done, it’s gone (except in the memories of the audience, which will always be inaccurate--for or against you--to a degree). Now I understand those actors and actresses who claim that they can’t watch themselves on screen. I think that attitude is a little OA, but yeah, I know where they are coming from.

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