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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Walk This Way

Yesterday I brought Orlando, my SUV, to the shop for some much needed and long-delayed repairs. Since the repairs are extensive, I had to leave Orly in the shop for a day or two.

The Rapide branch is located near the corner of Filmore St. and Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati. As I stepped out of the shop, I looked at the buses and jeepneys plying the route. My gosh, it has been years since I last rode a bus or jeep! And the last time I took the MRT train, it was almost 6 months ago. Next option were taxis, but I noticed that while there were a lot of them plying that route, most of them had passengers already. I could wait for an available cab, but although it was nearly 3 in the afternoon and the sun was ablaze, the February breeze was so cool I decided to walk along Buendia, cross South Super Highway Extension, and wait for a bus in front of the Cityland Condominiums.

But when I got there, I decided not to stop. The breeze was so cool, I wasn’t sweating at all. And if I stick to one side of Buendia, the buildings blocked the harsh rays of the sun. It was a nice day for a stroll, so stroll I did.

And while strolling I noticed all those things that I’ve stopped noticing when I’m behind the wheel. The sidewalk vendors with their what-in-the-world-is-that food they are selling. The numerous signs advertising different needs: saleslady, used printer cartridges, lady boarders and the like. The harassed look on the lady as she ran after a jeep. The six Hyundai Getz cars in different colors parked in the lot behind the Aegis People Support building. The construction at the corner of the RCBC Plaza building. The slobbering German shepherd on duty at the doorway. The jaywalkers who refuse to observe the traffic light rules. The sweet smell of frying banana-cue in a Jollijeep. The formal black socks of the guy walking in front of me that had rolled down way below his ankles.

It took me around 30 minutes to get to the office, but I wasn’t even sweaty when I got there. Thank god for the chilly Siberian winds on an intermittently cloudy February day!

I enjoyed my walk so much that last night I did it again. I was with friends for a late-night chikahan at Ziggurat Restaurant. After we went our separate ways, I walked from Makati Avenue to my condo on dela Rosa Street.

At past 1 in the morning, I found myself walking along the sidewalk around the Ayala Triangle. There was a lady waiting by the jeepney stop, the weight of the day’s work etched on her face and her slumped shoulder. A water truck was parked near the entrance of Heritage Library, its hose attached to a water pump located on the sidewalk. A guy was sleeping on the sidewalk, with a flattened cardboard box for a mat; obviously, he was one of those guarding the truck as they filled the tank with water. Two runners were jogging around the Triangle, their eyes intently fixed on the route ahead. One of them was handsome and well-built; as he passed me, I tried to catch his eye. No such luck; he was too focused on just looking ahead.

Sayang, I silently said. And I continued to stop and smell the roses.


Spiral Prince said...

I really enjoy walking, either alone or with friends, because of things like those you mentioned here, Sir McVie. I even encourage my friends to do the same so we end up walking long distances when we go out. More power to walkers!

Felipe said...

sayang si runner. SAYANG. SAYANG ang miles.