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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shout Out

To the girls who were overheard asking one another, “Di ba yun si McVie?” just outside the entrance of one of the buildings inside the University of Sto. Tomas. (UST) campus Friday night:

Yes, that was me.

I was with D and two other friends/bloggers/members of the Fabcasters’ peanut gallery. We were on our way to watch a friend compete for The Search for The Ideal Thomasian Personalities 2011, which I feel is a mouthful of a title for a pageant but that’s not really my point. It was D who exclaimed in a loud, almost attention-grabbing voice, “Did you hear thaaat?!” That was the first time he experienced someone recognizing me in public.

After the pageant ended, we were on our way back to my car when another friend, who was an alumnus of your alma mater, texted me: “What were you doing in UST?” I replied, “Hahaha, I guess you’re friends with the girls who saw me earlier.”

So of course my friends teased me, “McVie! Your target audience pala are college females!”



Kiks said...

college females... tempted?

Mac Callister said...

hahaha!bakit nga mga females na ngayon ang nakaka recognized sa yo?!

O di ba may appeal ka na di lang sa lalake pati na sa gurls!

MkSurf8 said...

ang makabagong kilabot ng mga kolehiyala

Felipe said...

kailangan mo na bang mag-change ng diet at maging vegetarian?

Go pechay, go!

Guyrony said...

Did he win the pageant?

And more importantly, did THE JONAS BAGAS attend?


Happy Valentine's Day again to you and D, Mcvie!


(shrilling like a college girl)

JapaneseAdobo said...

kilabot ng kolehiyala!?hmmm...