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Friday, September 21, 2007

Ay Sus Lagot!

The following is an actual exchange between me and a stranger in Connexion. (For those who claim that they don’t know—mga ipokrita! choz—Connexion is a gay online network.)

Name Withheld For Obvious Reasons: ur hot!! ASL PLS
Me: A = it's in my profile; S = uhm...; L = I work in Makati, I live in Marikina
Name Withheld For Obvious Reasons: ok!! sorry...

Ang Shoshonga-shonga, Laos!


Nadriamez said...

Haha! Surprised to know Connexion is still alive.

Sa G4M I get irritated when I get messages with their phone numbers and expect your phone number in return. Being a person who values privacy (hehehe meron pa ako nun) of course I won't give it out, then I will be branded as a snob the next day.

I will open my account today, to see if its there.

Mcvie, maganda ka pa rin kahit nung huli kitang nakita sa G3. Dati naman sa Baguio. I'm still a fan of McVie Show since '04. Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

aba! umi-issue! hehe...


Nadriamez said...


I just opened my connexion account today and just read your birthday greeting exactly 4 months ago!

how sweet...

thank you mcvie :-) said...

i left connexion kasi masyadong wholesome.

i need to see naked pics hahahaha