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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

An Early Christmas

I swear, my mom and sister know me very well. While I insisted that I didn’t want any pasalubong from them (in my mind I was saying, “Just surprise me!”) from their U.S. trip, they went ahead and bought anyway.

They bought me a pair of casual shoes from Rockport, my favorite brand of non-rubber shoes. Not really in the color or style that I normally go for (I prefer a darker color), but I fell in love with them the moment I tried them on. When my bag was stolen a year ago, I also lost my lip balm; imagine to my surprise that they also bought me Carmex (my friends swear this is the best ever). Just last Sunday I rushed to the mall to buy me a pair of short pants for casual occasions (you know, like the khaki types) because I just realized I had no decent pair of casual shorts (no pleats, of course). Today I have three new pairs of shorts, including one that’s designed just a little, uhm, fey.

Cue in sound effects of studio audience: “Ooooooooooooooooh!”

And the best of all: my mom knows how I hate wearing watches. I don’t like the feel or the smell of the band and the back of the watch when I sweat profusely. And I am bothered by the lighter skin color on my wrist. So imagine to my surprise when I received a Timex watch as pasalubong. But it wasn’t a wristwatch.

Ang cute, ano?

Now I’m almost totally convinced they know about me, hahaha.


gay blogger in the closet said...

you think they don't?

hindi ba nila alam na may blog ka?

btw, dati binibilhan din ako ng pocketwatch kasi nga ayoko nagsusuot. but once i got ued to having a cell phone, no more need for watches =)

joelmcvie said...

@GBITC: I like to think they actually do. But there's a difference between thinking that they do and knowing that they do.

I actually use my cellphone to check the time. But my cell is a clam-shell type that I need to flip open to check the time. Hassle na, nakakasira pa ng flip cover. So the pocketwatch comes very handy indeed.

Anonymous said...

Kilala ka talaga ng family mo ;)! What a happy feeling, early Xmas presents.

Anonymous said...

the watch is so sexy! shet!