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Friday, September 07, 2007

These Reboots Are Gonna Walk All Over You

The most maligned member of our staff is our IT personnel. She has to service both PC and Mac users, and Lord knows she is woefully inadequate when it comes to Apple products. It doesn’t help that she’s alone in her division. And whenever you ask her for help, the first thing that comes out of her mouth is: “Reboot your computer.”

“I can’t access my email!”
“Ah, just reboot your computer.”

“Why can’t I connect to the office wi-fi?”
“Reboot your computer.”

“My computer keeps hanging when I turn it on!”
“Reboot mo lang yan.”
Eh nagha-hang nga eh!

Many of our creatives already want to reboot her. In her butt.

But wouldn’t it be great if all of our problems can be solved by just a simple act of rebooting your life? Tired of your day-to-day work? Reboot your job. Got turned down by the one you’re courting? Reboot your courtship techniques. Still single at 41? Reboot your love life!

But what if your entire life needs rebooting? That’s too major a task; your hard drive might hang or worse, crash.

When rebooting is not enough, that’s when you re-bootleg your life. Create a second you, create a second life. And maybe that’s the appeal of Second Life—an online site where you can create an alternate you.

Would you reboot your life? Or re-bootleg it?

(If you choose Second Life, just make sure you have better IT service than we do. Or else you’ll be rebooting ad nauseam.)


cant_u_read said...

ang ganda ng press release!

joelmcvie said...

RYE: Hahahaha! Actually that wasn't my original intention--I just didn't know how to end the damn entry. But thanks to you, I now have an ending that ties up the whole thing, though a bit clunky.

Nelson said...

hahahha My avatar is Shi Hirano. Nakaka-adik!!!!

Tony said...

How about just a soft reboot and not a hard one. If Madonna and Cher can "reinvent" themselves, why not us? :D

One needs to do it every now and then I think really. Look at me (or Gibbs or Migs)....we are all doing a soft reboot of sorts.

Nadriamez said...

*claps - galing! is this ppp?

anyway, medyo tinamaan ako kasi i use to say that to my subordinates to always reboot. eh halos yun kasi ang pinaka-basic na troubleshooting solution especially in my case where our IT dept in 1 floor away from us.

i wonder how it feels to get rebooted there? LMAO

joelmcvie said...

NELZ: Sorry if I gave the impression that I'm in Second Life. I'm actually not. I've already enough on my plate in my first life as it is, hahaha.

TONY: Maybe it's more like "refresh" rather than a "soft reboot". :-)

NADRIAMEZ: In furnace to "reboot", it is the default all-around solution to computer glitches. :-)

Jedd said...

rebooting is only a temporary solution. it doesn't really fix the problem at all. especially if you do a hard one and reset the pc as your programs are running. you may have solved it "for now" but you may have actually just worsened the problem.

it's very much like life, all right. some people who encounter problems/complications are quick to look for that reset button. we don't confront it, instead we dwell in diversions: dump him. new guy. take up gym. vacation. club. new guy.. For all we know, all the psychodrama of the past are still there bubbling beneathe our "renewed" selves.


Nelson said...

Joel: oh no, not all -- I just tried it out! I've heard of this for a while, and then I saw you write about it here, so I went in and created my character.

Grabe! Buti na lang weekend! I spent about more than 20 hours in Second Life! At shet! Ang ganda-ganda ko (Haponesang pula ang buhok)! Here I can play Barbie! At amamacho ng mga kumakarir sa akin he he he

joelmcvie said...

JEDD: You're right, actually. Reboot or bootleg, it doesn't necessarily solve your problems.

NELZ: Hala ka! Lumayo ka na sa patibong ng The Matrix, dali! Hahaha.