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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Robbie William’s “She’s Madonna”

I have this love/indifferent relationship with Robbie Williams. I like some of his songs, but the rest I don’t really care to listen to, even for just once. His public persona doesn’t help any; I find him too cocky and full of himself. Granted he’s talented, but his outsized ego doesn’t match his achievements. However in his latest album Rudebox he wins me over with two songs, one of which is my Song for the Moment. It features two of my all-time favorite artists: Madonna and the Pet Shop Boys. “She’s Madonna” is co-written and produced by PSB, and their dry wit, atmospheric electronics and nasal vocals are all over it. The lyrics are hilarious: the guy is blowing off his girl for Madonna because “face it, she’s Madonna.”

Here it is, enjoy!

I don’t miss you,
just who
you used to be.
And you don’t ring true,
so please
stop calling me.
Your “I love you”’s
are ten a penny.
You’re dropping clues
like you’ve got any.
You got to choose.
There’s been so many, ohhhh!

I love you baby—
but face it, she’s Madonna.
No man on earth
could say that he don’t want her.
This look of love
says I’m leaving;
you’re frozen now,
I’ve done the freezing.
I’m walking out.
Madonna’s calling me.

She’s got to be
obscene to be believed.
That’s her routine.
Not what she means to me.
I found myself
by circumstance,
across a room,
where people dance—
And quite by chance,
She’d danced right next me.

I love you baby—
but face it, she’s Madonna.
No man on earth
could say that he don’t want her.
It’s me, not you;
I’ve got to move on.
You’re younger too,
but she’s got her groove on.
I’m sorry love,
Madonna’s calling me.

Oh, Madonna, Madonna!

I want to tell you a secret

We’re having drinks
with Kate and Stella.
Gwyneth’s here;
she’s brought her fella.
But all I wanna do
is take Madonna home.


Quentin X said...

I love Robbie Williams. He's a spunk. He sounds arrogant (he sound's like he so up himself that he is inside out) but really he is not. I think it is part of the appeal. Love the video to Rock DJ. He is hot! Check out:
Somehow he isn't as popular in the US.

joelmcvie said...

@QUENTIN: I agree that the arrogance is part of the act. It's just that, for me, it grows old quite quickly. But that's just me. :-)

Nelson said...

It's funny that the song makes references to some of Madonna's other songs. he he he he