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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Early AM Text

Early this morning I got this SMS from H., a good friend of mine:
“In a few hours D. and I will be taking our first long travel together: a one-month vacation in the U.S. We’re also celebrating 9 years together on this trip (Oct. 27). As our closest friends, please pray that we have fun, be safe wherever we go, and for this trip to bring us even closer. We’ll miss you guys! See you when we get back!”

There’s almost a 13-year age difference between H. and D. The latter was in a previous long-time relationship when he met H. who was still a college student. They’ve endured despite periods of physical separation (D. worked for a while in Singapore). They’re an example of a long-time gay relationship that has resisted—as far as we can tell—to mutate into an open relationship. I doubt if both are saints, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear of an indiscretion here or there (to be fair, I’ve not heard of any). But I guess they’re lucky both of them prefer the comfort of the familiar.

So this is the SMS I sent:
“After 9 years I think you two are as close as you’ll allow yourselves to be. So I pray instead that you guys find more reasons—or more of the same—to stay together. Bon voyage!”

With matching smiley face.


Anonymous said...

i think CC of corporate closet and hubby should read this post! This is such a happy post mcvie :)

cant_u_read said...

there is hope.

THE GRIPEN said...

Wow..that is what you call love..