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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hello Mr. Sandman

“Last night I had the strangest dream…”

I was in this vast building that looked familiar like it was from another dream, and then as I was going out I find myself hitching a ride with John Lloyd Cruz, a guy named Chichi Angustia who’s straight and whom I knew back when he was still in college but I lost touch with him as soon as he got kicked out after failing his third year, and an unknown girl (most of the girls in my dreams are unknown and unimportant) who was their friend, and this scenario felt familiar because in a previous dream I already hitched a ride with them, and we were going somewhere in Cubao, a bulaluhan that turned out to be an Indian restaurant set-up (sit on the floor with throw pillows and all) then we were just settling down when immediately we were at a park beside a horse-and-carabao race track where guests can ride a carabao so all three of us rode one and John Lloyd was in front of me so I’d lean on his back so that I could get a grip on the carabao’s horns and John Lloyd was so sweet cuz he allowed me to lean on him and he also leaned on me and then the carabao got testy because it didn’t want its horns to be touched and it was weird because his left horn was long and curving while the right horn was just a stub, and the carabao had to go up a platform with us on its back and then go down but its handler forced it to go back up cuz it didn’t go around the platform properly but then the carabao turned into a brontosaurus—long neck and tail and all—and was already tired so it shrugged us off its back so we walked to a table and sat down to order merienda and all around us were sea creatures struggling to stay alive out of the water and there was even a huge as in HUGE horseshoe crab that was turning and spinning on its shell before scampering off and we followed this crab into a production number featuring high school kids singing and dancing at a huge school ground so John Lloyd and the other two joined in the production number while I hung back and the song-and-dance number morphed into a CMT/ROTC clean-up drive and while the kids were cleaning up I proceeded to this rented “cottage” underneath some huge stairs where inside was just one huge bed so the boys were going to share it while the girl was going to stay somewhere else and so later on when she passed by our cottage together with her brother she turned into Pia Cayetano and her brother was director Lino Cayetano and they both said goodbye so Chichi and I were in bed trying to fall asleep and then I felt John Lloyd slipping in beside me so I turned to him and we cuddled and he placed his hand inside his pajama so I put my hand inside his pajamas too and I peered in to take a look at his cock and I saw lots of hair and then I heard Chichi move to whisper to him so I pretended I was asleep and Chichi was telling John Lloyd, “Ay naku ka,” in a partially exasperated, partially humoring tone and John Lloyd was thanking Chichi for understanding the situation and I remember thinking to myself to not rush things with John Lloyd because maybe after we have sex I’ll immediately get bored with him.

And that’s when I woke up.

“Didn’t want no one to hold you,
what does that mean? And you said…
Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride
I’m running and I won’t touch ground,
Oh no, I got to keep on moving!”

* * * * *

I rarely remember my dreams these days, so when something as vivid as the one above is still misty in my mind even as I’m fighting the cobwebs of sleep off, I just had to grab my pen and write it down fast before it fades away forever.

So now I have an instant Sunday episode for The McVie Show.

6 comments: said...

john lloyd?!? sup with that?!?

joelmcvie said...

@POWERBOTTOM: Mah! Malaysia truly Asia! I mean, he's guwapo and all, but he's not really my type.

Leigh said...

Maybe your subconscious is telling you to pop a Biogesic? ;)

joelmcvie said...

@LEIGH: Feeling ko nga, nakalaklak ako ng Biogenic!


That's one very vivid dream for sure!

My take on dreams is that it's our minds way of waking us up. The weirder the dream, the more urgent the need for the dreamer to wake up.

the nomad said...

all i can say is:

that is one heck of a long sentence. hahaha. talk about writing a very cohesive entry.