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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

With Dan & Rye

Did anyone pass by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf or Figaro at the Bonifacio High Street last night for The Dan & Rye Show Grand EB and Podcast? We weren’t able to transfer to that venue after all. We ended up staying at Italianni’s after dinner because the orders took so long getting to our table we decided not to move anymore.

Did you miss Dan and Rye? Too bad. Had you confirmed your attendance as requested, I would have found a way of contacting you about the last-minute change of venue. (In fairness to me, I passed by CB&TL and Figaro thrice that night, even going so far as to order a drink in the former, hoping to be spotted by a would-be participant. But no one approached me.)

* * * * *

Thank you to those who dropped by last night.

I had so much fun. The reason I love listening to the two is that singularly they’re interesting, but combined they’re deadly entertainment. As in, pamatay. That kind of rapport and repartee cannot be faked or manufactured. But they are very accessible and audience-friendly. And they are very inclusive; notice how whenever Chris joins them, they become a trio instead of a duo ganging up on one?

Give these guys a real show, quick!

(I didn’t take any pictures. I’m sure they’ll post their photos in their site soon.)


Mike said...

WHat's their site?

joelmcvie said...

@MIKE: "The Dan & Rye Show Podcast" is listed under "McLinks". :-)

cant_u_read said...

joel, i'll put up the pics and the podcast after tonight's party ha? :-)

joelmcvie said...

@RYE: Huy, no pressure ha! Alam ko busyness ang mga kasuyness for HK Halloween. Maghintay-hintay lang ang mga fans ninyo, hehehe. :-D