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Friday, October 19, 2007


So while Manila is in the midst of a heightened alert status, I’m dying to watch this particular Thai movie:

I’m not a big, big fan of Thai men—yet. But I think I may have to change my attitude. Aminin, the short-haired guy looks hot. Heck, both look hot. Between the two of them? Why not!

Bangkok Love Story (Thai: เพื่อน...กูรักมึงว่ะ or Puen, literally “friend”) is a 2007 Thai film written and directed by Poj Arnon. Who has a DVD copy?! I want, I want, I want!

Watch the trailer:


Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

My gazh! I want also. Zyet!

BoobooStrider said...


girard said...

i saw this a couple of months back. ay this is a funny film. but who cares about the story if the two main characters are in their underwear half of the time?

and yes, thai men are soooo hot.

Raymond said...

I'll be in Bangkok next month. I'll try to get you the DVD if it is available. I am just worried that it won't have English subtitles. But hey, who cares about the lines when the eye candy is this good?

If you're a good boy, then this can be your Christmas present ;-)

joelmcvie said...

BONG: Wag na, meron nang nag-offer. Baka mag-doble pa.

dazedblu* said...

think i have to see this film.. hehe ;)