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Monday, October 01, 2007

McVie’s Current Lablayf

For the first time in two months, I ate a home-cooked meal during Sunday lunch. My mom never did that before—we had a maid/cook—but ever since she retired she took it upon herself to learn how to cook.

For me, meal times at home are the times when I am most at peace. Especially if the rice is newly cooked and steaming hot, there’s a viand I like, and everyone is present. Hah! Funny I should mention the last bit, when I’m the one who often doesn’t eat meals at home. Which is why I treasure the times we’re all together in one table, eating, laughing, sharing as a family.

People tell me, “Yeah, family and friends are okay. But having the love of a partner is different.” To them I say, “Yeah, well, the peace and joy I get just by sitting together with my family is also different. Apples and oranges. Now you be jealous.”


Anonymous said...

Luv my family as well!. Im d only bacherlor in our brood of six, and i'm d only remaining son who eats breakfast, lunch & dinner with mom & dad! yummy... i live a single's life!


Lucky you! To be able to still sit down with family for meals. As a growing boy, it was the same tableau for me and my family. But all too soon, everyone went on his own way - departed this life, had a family, moved to another city or country, etc.

Pero oks din naman ung you sit down to breakfast, or lunch or dinner with mother, father, brother, sister and partner!

cant_u_read said...

made me just remember what our sunday family lunches were like. they've always been bash-the-cook moment. my mom is a good cook, so was my dad. and they have two gay sons who were just developing their culinary interest. ang resulta: okrayan sa kitchen skills! but it was always fun! and god, i miss it!

closet case said...

i feel as blessed to frequently share my meal with my loving parents. most of my sibings are abroad. so just like josh, i have dinners with my parents. truly a wonderful feeling! i love making them laugh...