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Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Series of Unfortunate Gays

Last year a gay showbiz writer was found brutally murdered in his home. Several months before that incident there was also a series of murders; all involved gay men killed in their own homes. The series of killings prompted speculations of a serial killer (or a gang) preying on gay men who lived alone. The modus operandi was frighteningly similar: the victim is often found totally naked in his bed and stabbed to death. No visible marks of forced entry, so most probably the killer was invited inside. But after the killing of this showbiz writer and the subsequent heavy news coverage that followed—including short news features on gay nocturnal activities that may encourage further serial murders—the killings stopped.

That was until yesterday when I received a text message from my friend at ABS-CBN. Joselito “Joel” Siervo, an executive producer of “Pinoy Dream Academy,” was brutally murdered in a similar fashion as the other gay victims. According to my friend Joel’s face was covered with a towel; otherwise he was totally naked. Plus my friend’s inside scoop was that there were some oils or ointment found nearby, stuff used for giving a massage. Hmmm… is this a case of a masahista murderer? The murder is still currently being investigated.

For me this case is made even more disturbing because I personally knew the guy. We weren’t actually close, just on nodding-along-the-corridor terms. But prior to leaving the network I was supposed to work more closely with him because a show of his was just recently assigned to me. But I resigned before I even found it necessary to save his number on my cellphone. Thank god; otherwise, I just might receive text messages from him from beyond!

This latest killing has again made the pink community—especially those in Quezon City where all the killings have occurred—to be on the alert again. But all the killer (or could there be killers?) has to do is lay low for a while; then we get careless again. I believe we should all take it upon ourselves to help stop these killings. How? By practicing safe sex—and I don’t mean just using condoms. We need to bring “safe sex” to another level.

So for those among us who live alone and are fond of bringing home tricks and pick-ups, keep the following in mind:

[1] Never bring home a total stranger.

[2] If you must bring someone home and you live alone (those without stay-in help, for example), always have a trusted friend whom you can inform that you’ll be having company. As much as possible do this in the presence of your take-home, so that he knows that someone else knows you won’t be alone that night.

[3] There are “massage parlors” that allow their masseurs to be taken out for “home service.” Avoid using home service; stick to doing it in the massage parlor. The masseurs themselves may not be the actual killers and robbers, but they may be part of a larger gang. Once the masseur is inside your house, he’s the key that will allow the gang access inside.

[4] Avoid street walkers like the plague.

[5] Just because you picked him up in a “reputable” bar or dance club doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe to bring him home. Stick to a motel. If he doesn’t agree, then it’s safer to just cut your loss early.

* * * * *

So far the victims targeted all lived alone. It’s easier to kill them (no possible witnesses) then search the house for valuables they can steal.

Thank god I don’t live alone.


Nadriamez said...


I just had my first meet up.

good thing its a safe and enjoyable one.

consider the "terms and conditions" at g4m helpful too

Nelson said...

well i have to confess that while i was living in cubao, i used to bring home strangers for sex. while the time frame of these anonymous nocturnal trysts is not important [insert a knowing sheepish smile here], i was, at that time, living with my relatives. rather, they lived around me, while i lived alone [my brother had moved out, or wasn't home most of the time]. this was also the time when those murders were going on, and my close friends cautioned me from flirting too much. my solution was to get a couple of fuck buds.

i don't think they'd ever capture the killer/s. obviously the person/s was/were intelligent, very charming, and handsome. the victims couldn't resist him/them, trusted them completely as they would require discretion on his/their part in doing service with these victims.

i should stop watching csi.

Anonymous said...