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(pilot episode: 20 January 2004)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

“What Goes Around…”

“…must be round.”

That’s my new motto now.

Because I now have a new Moto—the Motorola W220. It’s the poor man’s Razor, the posh phone for the proletariat. It’s very affordable because it has no camera. I really thought things over and I decided I don’t really need a camera in my phone; I just need a phone for calls and text messages. While shopping for a phone and comparing prices and features, I kept seeing this all-black version of the W220. After a week of assessing and internal debating, I finally decided: I want the black W220.

But when I went to shop after shop where I saw the black W220, I was told that they were either out of stock or their black model was merely a model unit and not for sale. Argh! I was this close to buying the silver version, but decided to wait until the weekend. That’s when I found an available model in a shop in Megamall. The black just looks cooler and slimmer. Now I can go to Bed and not hide my phone. Then again, because the W220’s so slim it will be easier for me to hide my phone.

My first phone was a Motorola Microtac. After so many years I’ve come back full circle—as the motto at the beginning says. Which brings this episode—in content if not in form—in full circle.


Raymond said...

Hey, McVie, good choice! I am also a recent convert, from Nokia to Hello Moto! with an L6, the slim black one that reminds me of Skyflakes. Nokia is more user-friendly, but Moto is Über cool!

joelmcvie said...

Sa totoo lang, my first choice was a Sony Ericsson (they're also our client, which would have been brownie points for me). But their clam-shell models aren't as slim as Motorola's or Samsung's, so goodbye SE, hello Moto.

Matagal na akong lumisan sa Nokia, at hindi na ako babalik sa kanya.

Nelson said...

kainis. the phone is not here in north america, pero walang-kamatayang razor ang hawak ng mga utaw ditech. na-overpower na ang SE.