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Friday, November 03, 2006

Splitting Ears

I can understand the use of earphones. Sure, one can choose to use them to block out the world, but in general people use earphones so that they can enjoy whatever they’re listening to in private, without disturbing others around them.

What’s funny is when the volume level is raised so loud that people in close proximity of the earphone-wearer can actually identify the song and maybe even sing-along to it. It kinda defeats the purpose of the earphones, right? I find especially embarrassing the following situation in a crowded elevator: everyone is minding their own personal space, keeping quiet and trying to make no unnecessary noise as possible… and here’s this one guy thinking he’s the only one listening to his music but actually everyone can hear the song blaring out of the small speakers.

What’s even funnier is when one realizes that the guy—this towering hulk of a man who looks like he can just pick me up with one hand and nonchalantly toss me out of the elevator just because he can—this, this… mammoth of a man is actually listening to Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.”




(another pause)

Not only that….

“I Have Nothing”(!)

Hay naku. Next time ha, “I’m Every Woman” na lang. Para mas obvious, dah-buh?


Leigh said...

I'm trying this comment box again.
I ... have ... nothing...

Anonymous said...

don't... make... me...


migs, the manila gay guy said...

well, another way of looking at it: we come in all shapes and sizes. o di ba ang saya?! :)