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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Silly ‘Bate

I haven’t had sex in over a week and for some strange reason, I feel fine. Oh sure, there are nights when, driving home from work, I’m tempted to just drive onwards to Quezon City and go to F or have a massage and more. But unlike before where my attitude was a simple “Drop everything to drop my clothes off!” these past days I suddenly found various reasons that trumped the call of sex: I have to wake up early to avoid the traffic. I have to be early at work so I can have a decent parking space. I have to get enough sleep because I’m working out tomorrow with my trainer and I’ll need all the energy for it. Whereas before I’d easily shrug off any of those reasons—oh, I can make it—nowadays it seems sex is less urgent. Oh, I still keep alert for any chance encounters in the gym, but lately the only people I see are the early morning regulars.

Good gosh, am I turning celibate? Oh no, not at all. But I guess I find it easier to delay sexual gratification. I’m reminded of that TV commercial on emotional quotient or EQ. Given a choice between instant or delayed gratification, the child with the more developed EQ will resist eating the one marshmallow because he knows he’ll be rewarded with two if he passes the test. Am I saving myself for anyone in particular? Not really. I guess it’s just easier for me to forgo sex-just-for-sex’s-sake.

Or maybe I’m just too busy these days, hahaha. Hay naku, feeling ko I might just end up F-ing as soon as my work load lightens up. I may end up eating more than just my words by then, hehehe. Meanwhile it’s sariling sikap for now.


Phillip said...

balita ko mas maganda sa club bath. :) :) :)

Raymond said...

Hey, McVie, you're not turning celibate. You're just growing old. Being of the same age as you, I find that the previously screaming demands of my sexual urges have mellowed through the years. It becomes easier to get a grip (pun intended) on our sex drive the older we get, although I cannot discount the few lucky bastards whose hormones rage, rage against the dying of the light in their 60s and 70s. Whether or not they are to be envied is arguable.

joelmcvie said...

PHILLIP: Club Bath will be better for YOU, since mas type mo ang older guys. It has been a while since I was last there; mabisita nga uli. :-)

BONG: While I agree that I have a better discipline and self-control, I would disagree that my demands have mellowed.

James said...

maybe you have a lower level of cholesterol in the body.

it does decraese libido in some active humans.

there goes the nerd in me..

Anonymous said...

sama ko sa club bath


kawadjan said...

i love the honesty of this post ha. :) so brave pa talaga, that's why i read this blog like everyday!

migs the manila gay guy said...

kaya pala! thanks james for that explanation. antaas kasi ng cholesterol ko. better watch my diet ;)

joelmcvie said...

JAMES: Lower cholesterol level means lower level of libido? LOL! Eh kaya nga ako nag-hire ng personal trainer sa gym para pumayat at bumaba ang body fat at cholesterol level! Oh my. Gaganda't magiging sexy ang katawan ko, pero ayoko naman mag-sex. You can't have your (sexy) body and eat someone else's too!

KAWADJAN: Thanks! While I still maintain a certain level of honesty, I realized I've become less revelatory in my blog. I've exposed more private details before in my earlier seasons.

The price of fame. ETCHOS.


Anonymous said...

amen to that joel... we (the earliest viewers of this blog) have been inflicted with joel's more private details. hehehehe.


joelmcvie said...

MY GOD. Randy's still alive.