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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

‘Tis The Season To Be Folly?

This public service reminder is brought to you by The McVie Show.

Because the holiday season is fast approaching, I’m sure there will be a rise in criminal activity over-all. Pick-pockets, snatchings and hold-ups may become more common as the Christmas and bonus season approaches. Which is all the more reason to avoid picking up strangers and bringing them home. I was just told by an online friend that he had been robbed of a cellphone and cash by his take-home. The guy slipped out of his place before he woke up in the morning.

The additional spending during the holiday season makes people more desperate for extra cash obtained in any which way. I don’t want to sound praning, but better be safe than sorry.

May this season of cheer be what it really should be, a time of blessings and joy. Take extra care, all of you.

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