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Friday, March 16, 2007


A big heartfelt thanks to everyone who partied last night in Bed. The party was a smashing success with almost everyone getting smashed, some more than others. It’s really great how the spirit of alcohol, uhm, moved people in mysterious ways.

Several things running through my head when I woke up midmorning today.

[1] A freight train, or at least it felt like one. Not a bad hangover, just lack of sleep. And the effects of several pitchers of a deadly concoction called Blue Frog. Or was it Nightmare? Uh-oh, freight train’s coming back again.

[2] I need to save around Php30,000. So if anyone has some racket, please throw some my way.

[3] I’m a terrible host. Or at least, I should have just herded all my invitees into one area instead of them scattered all over. Then it would have been easier for me to mingle more with each and everyone. But it was great to see my different friends mix-and-match after a while.

[4] Then again, it’s my party (along with other Pisceans, but so what) and I’ll party how I want to.

[5] It’s great to pour your heart out to a guy and tell him everything you feel, knowing full well that nothing will come out of it. All he can do is listen, not reciprocate. And afterwards you get that queer feeling of in between emotions. And you’re telling yourself, “You did the right thing. Now you just need to convince yourself that you’re happy doing the right thing.”

[6] Then it hits you after you just write about it in #5: Shet, how baduy naman me. And you snap out of it. Literally. As in, snap your fingers and go, “Snap out of it, gurrrl.”

[7] I witness something that should have been painful for me to watch. It should have made me feel so envious, so excluded, so unwanted, so useless. But instead of moving away I stand my ground, take several sips of Blue Frog—okay, gulps actually—and… and… make my mind go blank. It’s not exactly Zen. It’s more like numb. It’s self-preservation.

[8] Then I realize after I just write about it in #7: Shet, how baduy naman me.

[9] A guest of mine sent me the following SMS this morning: Hi friend! We saw you two talking by the street corner. ☺ Ang sweet. Ang sabi namin, not just 40 is the new 30 but Joel is the new kid on the block. ☺ So I replied: More like around the block.

[10] Final count: one hooked up with someone (not my guest) for the night, two guests threw up, three got to swap spit and exchange tongues, and everyone got tipsy. Did everyone have fun? I know I did.


XP said...

Damn I really did miss a lot that night huh? Everyone was in their "nahihiya" mood pa when I left. Anyway, I had a blast, sort of kahit nag Cinderella na ako by midnight.


Anonymous said...

almost totally wasted. tumbled on the corner of nakpil and orosa. literally sat on the road while listening to disclosures i am privileged to hear. and that was all AFTER the partying.
WHILE INSIDE - blue frogs and new friends, new acquaintances, hand going down my butt, earlobes nibbled, salivary exchanges. helping wasted nice guy across the dance floor.
what a party

migs, the manila gay guy said...

gash! sorry mcvie missed your party! na-sched na kasi namin ang galera way before. anyway, seems you had a blast... see you this week! kitakits, gablog!