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Thursday, March 08, 2007

They Got Me

I actually hesitated for more than five minutes—thinking once, twice, three times a lady (only a child of the 80s will get that reference, ha!)—before finally lining up and plunking down my money to buy a ticket for…

(videoke music before announcing the score)

…Star Cinema’s You Got Me!

Yes, watching the Sam Milby, Toni Gonzaga and introducing Zanjoe Marudo starrer should have been a no-brainer. As in, don’t-use-your-brains-just-buy-the-damn-ticket! Hahaha. In fairnezz, na-entertain ako. Watching it really was a no-brainer; just take your brain out and place it on the chair beside you. As in, forget logic and plausibility. Still, I could see how this movie could have been the equivalent of a disposable Hong Kong rom-com starring the ubiquitous Andy Lau or Aaron Kwok or Jacky Cheung.

I refuse to give any critical comments about this movie. It defies critical thinking. Nay, it defies thinking. Anyway, let me just state my reactions:

[1] Action Toni, or Tomboy Toni becomes her. She’s actually appealing when she’s tough. Tough chicks rule.

[2] Nerdy Sam? Mournful Sam? Longing Sam? Not cute at all. He uses just one expression throughout most of the movie, but instead of looking like Pitiful Sam, he comes across as Constipated Sam. Nope, not cute at all.

[3] Oh! My! God! Putanginang Barumbado Zanjoe yan o! He is just sooo much sexier when he’s being so jologs! Actually he can’t help but look and sound jologs, so there you go. But so what, right? There are these two scenes in the movie. First, he’s in a sando and he’s all sweaty; and I’m all sweaty. Then he’s just in a towel and he’s all wet; and I’m all wet. Swoon.

There’s a scene when he and Sam are talking to one another mano-a-mano, and I swear there was so much sexual tension between the two! Or at least I think there was. Or maybe I wish there was. Oh well, who cares. Basta. Basta! Between the two of them… why not?! McSandwich Spread-Eagled! Ahahahaha!

With You Got Me!, they got me at heller.


Raymond said...

Oh My God, Zanjoe Marudo Is So Hot! I wish I could be there to help make his movie a box-office hit, so that more producers will hire him for their movies, so we can see more and more of him on the big screen, preferably shirtless! I love you, Zanjoe!!!!

Sexual tension between Zanjoe and Sam? Hmmm, ...posible...he he he...

Ken Lee said...

This movie is soo Windstruck, if you know what I mean. Parang Dreamboy and Little Black Book.