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(pilot episode: 20 January 2004)

Friday, March 30, 2007

Rey Of Light

His voice was deep, sexy. That’s what got me first. Then when he put on a pair of rimless eyeglasses to read what I wrote, he looked so nerdy-cute that I wanted to pinch his cheeks right there and then. Under better lighting, his skin looked softer and flawless.

“Text me your number later,” I said.

“Sure,” he replied. Then he smiled. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling back at him. He had one of the shyest, sweetest smiles I’ve ever seen.

He said he was going to the Jacuzzi area. “Enjoy,” I said to him. Then I went upstairs to the exit.


migs, the manila gay guy said...

May ganun?!?!

More, more, more!

gay blogger in the closet said...

anubah?! is this going to turn into something similar to mgg's bora telenovela? =)

Anonymous said...

Hi - this isn't really a comment on your post rather an inquiry if you're aware of what happened to Mandaya Moore? (Of course, I read your blogs on a regular basis as well.) Been trying to access Mandaya's blogspot but it's not there anymore..Hope you or other bloggers may have some updates?

Thank you.

amateur misanthrope said...

ahaha. jacuzzi, upstairs exit. that's the giveaway.

joelmcvie said...

Folks, I'm sorry but the short, short story ends with me exiting. Unless you wanna hear about us meeting at Starbucks the day after...? Ehehehe.

Anonymous, sorry but I don't know Mandaya Moore personally, so I have no idea what's going on with his life and his blog. Anybody here can clue us in on these two burning questions?

Amateur Misanthrope, super dead-giveaway na nga eh! Hahahaha.