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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

All Rise For The National Anthem

I was going to watch the last full show of “Pursuit of Happyness” in SM Megamall when I saw the national anthem that SM Cinemas co-produced with ABS-CBN. Naloka ako, especially when I saw Papa Piolo in an unbuttoned shirt with a tight-fitting… uhm, is that a sando? Teeekaaah… hindi ba pagbabastos sa flag ang pagbibihis niya? But seeing his well-toned body as his wind-blown shirt hugged it, I realized na mapapatayo talaga ako nitong version ng national anthem na ‘to, thanks to Papa P!

(This version of the national anthem is shown in SM Cinemas, Rockwell cinemas, and during sign-off in the various ABS-CBN channels on free tv and in cable.)


Nelson said...

yeah i saw this in YouTube a couple of months ago, naloka ako...

ewan, nababaduyan ako sa version na to he he he

XP said...

And it's on Youtube too. =0)

chino said...

kris is in it... so it has lost all credibility for me.. lol.. kidding!..

heya.. just dropped by.. if you have time...drop by my blog as well... if you want ur neurons to die.. :P

Raymond said...

Having been away from the Philippines for a long time, I felt my heart wrenched by this video, baduy though it may be. The arrangement was interesting and dramatic, and it is effective in evoking patriotic feelings. However, when I thought about the ABS-CBS marquee names standing for Juan and Juana de la Cruz, napa-cringe ako. Would have been better focused on more regular folks.

Ritche said...

This video is very similar to the Qantas ad: . This video is good but it does not bring me to tears as much as the Qantas ad. Thanks to Boy From Oz Peter Allen wherever you are for such a brilliant song.
I saw this ad a few years back when visiting my dad in Cebu. I have only been Australian a few years then but I feel such patriotism for this adopted country. Watching the ad on telly made me want to come back as soon as possible despite my dad being ill in hospital. I totally agree with raymond with regards to this national anthem video: they should have common people representing the common people. But then again, the video as it is captures the reality that the fate of the country is in the hands of the few.
Maybe that's why I still call Australia home.