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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Guy

Whew! With the arrival of summer (nampucha, ang iniiiiiiiiiit!) comes more work, and I’ve been so busy which explains why the show was quiet the past few days.


There is a new guy in our team at the office. He’s tall, mestizohin, and fairly well-built. He has a body that looks like he works out at home, not in a gym; definitely not the gym bunny type. He’s not typically handsome, but because in our team there are only three straight guys (plus two gay guys and two, uhm, unclassifiables) versus more than ten girls, he’s now the Flavor of the Month. As in! The girls are all a-buzz. And I must admit I’m getting more curious about him because, well, everyone is! Talk about peer pressure. Oh well. At least something, er, someone new to break the office monotony.


maui pacquiao said...

new blogger po ako. hope ok lang nilagay ko kayo sa links ko.

joelmcvie said...

MAUI PACQUIAO: Ok lang sa akin. Go! Link lang ng link for more happiness. :-)

Nelson said...

peekture naman nang makilatis! stolen shot anik! kung mashadong private para i-post, email mo sa akin ahihihihihi!

joelmcvie said...

NELZ: Sige I'll try! Pero I suspect he doesn't register that well in photographs. When I reviewed his application form, his picture there didn't look anywhere like he does in person. I think it's his geeky-meek, always-ready-to-smile aura that makes him attractive to the girls and the pa-girls. Plus he not only looks mabango, he really is mabango.

Nelson said...

ay type! yan ang mga tipong masarap molestyahin he he he