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Friday, March 09, 2007

Open Invitation

On Thursday, March 15, I will be celebrating my birthday in Bed. Yes, I’ve signed up for the Zodiac Party series, and on Thursday is Pisces Night. Come in at 9:30pm, open bar c/o Smirnoff (until supplies last).

I’m inviting the viewers of The McVie Show to celebrate with me. As per Zodiac Party rules, I need to submit my list of guests on or before March 14. I can invite a total of 50 people so please don’t be shy to invite yourselves. Just email me your full name so I can leave it with the reception, and you can come in for FREE (otherwise, paysung ka ever!)

If feeling shy ka and you want to bring along a friend, please do! Make sure you include your friend/s name/s in your email.

Email me at on or before March 14.


John said...

Happy birthday (advanced). I enjoy reading your blog, everyday. Next year, I would love to celebrate your birthday with the rest of the readers. One round is one me.

Anonymous said...

Advance Happy Birdie McVie! I keep forgetting your birthday is the day before my mom's, and it seems that almost every year you manage to somehow jog my memory! :-D


joelmcvie said...

JOHN: Why wait pa for a year? :-)

TZEL: It means I shamelessly self-promote my birthday, hahaha! Kindly greet your mom--and my former teacher--an advance happy birthday too. :-)

Ernesto said...

Happy Birthday! I wish I can go but I'm all the way on the other side of the world. Oh yeah! my b-day is 2 days after yours, its great to be a pisces!

joelmcvie said...

ERNESTO: You will be there in spirit. Ngyek, parang moomoo, ehehehe! Advanced happy birthday, fellow fish. :-)

Raymond said...

Happy birthday, Joel! May you have many many more to cum!

John said...

hi joel,
this is my second try sending this message, so pardon if you got it already.

My work forbids me to take vacations now after taking so many every 4 months. I will therefore quit next year. One reason I enjoy reading your blog is your musings of life as a gay guy in Manila.

I bypass Manila each time I travel, maybe because I don't know anybody anymore. It's size, traffic, and pollution is overwhelming. I go straight to Cebu and don't even to the city.

I promise, when I run into you, to tell you about running into Calvin Klein with Gabbana, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Paco Rabbanne, and a Russian prince in a Rio bath house.

Nelson said...

Haberday Joel!!!!!

Big hugs and pussy kisses from the cold white North!

Anonymous said...

hababirdie mcvie!