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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pinoy Gay Bloggers Unite!

If you’re:

[1] Pinoy
[2] gay; and
[3] you have a blog (or Livejournal or any other similar chenez) and constantly update your blog (‘wag naman sana yung last entry mo ay last Dec. 15, 2005 pa na ang title ay, “Hayyy Pasko!!”)

then JOIN Pinoy Gay Blogs! Be part of the glitterati of the Pinoy blogsphere!

How to join: Go to McLinks. Click on “Pinoy Gay Blogs.” Follow the instructions. It’s that easy! Be counted. Be glittering. Be-youtiful!


jong said...

sakit nun ha....evurrr!!! :-)

joelmcvie said...

JONG: Aba, may-I-mention ba your name evurrr? No. Did I mention the title of your blog evurrr? No. Hoy, binisto mo ang sarili mo.

Having said that, you can still join Pinoy Gay Blogs. Kaya lang imbes na ako lang ang kumukutya sa iyo, eh baka ang buong sangkabaklaan ang kumutya sa iyo! :-)

Kaya Merry Christmas, Happy New Year at Happy Valentine's na, okay? World Peace! :-)