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Friday, March 09, 2007

Radio Gaga

I used to just listen to Chico and Delamar at RX93.1 on my way to the office. But then I realized it’s just their banter that I enjoy; the rest I can skip. So I switched stations whenever the two fell silent, and that’s when I discovered Mo Twister’s show at 89.9WTM. There they were more talkative. But I noticed I could tolerate Mo’s schtik for only so long; after a while his put-on bravado was off-putting and grating to the ears (especially when he performs a tirade). So again I looked for alternatives, and lo and behold, I discovered this classical music station. When Chico and Delamar weren’t talking and when Mo and Mojo weren’t funny, I’d listen to strings and wind instruments.

But then one morning I stumbled upon this particular radio duo: Chris Tsuper and Nicole Hiyala on 90.7 Love Radio. They are the morning “Tambalang Balasubas at Balahura.” They are hilarious. Nicole plays the baklang babae who says things like “Ka-lurkey!” and laughs at all her punchlines; Chris plays the straight man (literally too) in this comedy duo. He laughs along with Nicole at all her jokes. Sometimes they laugh at their own laughter. They have a particular schtik: they say things in unison, like one would say, “Based on…” and both of them will chime in, “…experience!” (that’s one of their favorite phrases).

After listening for three mornings I discovered that they aren’t on the whole morning; in fact, I think their tandem comes out in portions during the morning timeslot. Which is just as well, I guess; pakinggan mo sila ng tatlong oras, sasakit ang inyong tenga sa ingay at panga sa katatawa.


Anonymous said...

They are really fun. I first heard them while I was in the bus going to the office. Every once in a while I get to listen to them. I’ve told some of my friends and officemates and they agreed with me that these guys really brighten up one’s mood. And I’ve learned that Nicole Hiyala even graduated from the Assumption.

Horny Peter said...

Hi Joel! I like love your entries so much! Ngayon ko lang nabasa tong entry na ito. I always listen to the tambalan kasi there really hilarious. :P

- pao - said...

grabe katuwa talaga sila...
gagawa rin sna aq ng post 2ngkol s knila e ayaw pakuha nung pic