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Saturday, June 16, 2007

And Thus A Podcast Was Born

It was the great William Shakespeare who said, “Action speaks louder than words.” It was my quotation-loving Communication Arts classmate who, in a heated argument in class blurted out, “Action speaks louder than voice!” Howling laughter ensued, tensions were defused; but she was never able to make her point after that.

When my high school barkada broke up in college, some of us kept in touch with those who studied abroad via voice tapes. Yes folks, we recorded ourselves on analogue cassettes and sent them via snail mail (or through their parents or relatives who’d go and visit them abroad from time to time). We continued that tradition until a few years after we graduated from college. Then life and work took over our schedules and we stopped that tradition.

Recently a good friend of ours residing in the U.S. is going through a rough time in his marriage. So we decided to revive our tradition of sending “voice letters” but this time in digital form and sent via email.

My kabarkada—let’s just call him Mr. Businessman—and I sat down one evening in his office and just prattled on. Because we’ve known each other for years, our conversations tend to go this way and that. We eventually got sidetracked into a conversation about the business of bathhouses.

When I was editing our conversation for our U.S. friend, I thought of just chucking out that whole part about the bathhouses. But then I thought, maybe it’ll be an interesting topic for others.

Thus, The McChika Show was born.

(Actually I got myself a account because I got tired of commenting on The Dan & Rye Show as “Anonymous.” So I already had the medium; suddenly I had content.)

I don’t know yet how The McChika Show will evolve. Its first episode, “The Business of Sex” is something that falls under “The Conversations No One Hears” category. Will The McChika Show be a show where people “eavesdrop” on conversations? Or will I also have more “traditional” episodes wherein there’s a host, there’s an interviewee, and there’s a topic discussed? I don’t know yet. And that’s what’s fun about it.

Anyway, on the right column below “What’s McVie Doing?” is the link for the podcast, under the heading “Talk Is Cheap!” Go ahead and listen. You might just want to act on it and go seriously into sex as a business venture after listening to this. After all, action speaks louder than voice.


cant_u_read said...

whenever mcvie talks, it's never cheap. NEVER. :-)

Phoenix said...

You are soo talented, idol talaga kita ever ; )

Nelson said...

grabe you're just sooo media savvy!

let's do the mcchika next week, and follow up on our conversation about immigration angsts. ;-)

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

Hahaha! Sex as a business venture is really a great idea! Naalala ko tuloy yung suggestion ko sa mga college friends ko na nagbabalak magtayo ng business. Nabasa ko kasi sa isang blog sa Net na sex is the best exercise, and it's proven by research. So sabi ko, put up na lang kami ng Sex Gym -- at ako trainor!:D

Na-link ko na po kayo, tenks din po sa pag-link!

joelmcvie said...

RYE: Naku, parang nagbabanta kang i-follow up sa akin ang pag-produce ng TD&RS on traditional media, hahaha! Honga, hindi yung cheap, hahaha!

PHOENIX: Thanks! Great blog you have, too. :-)

NELZ: Tara! Let's have that conversation.

KEITARO: Hmmm... a Sex Gym! Tarush na idea. Ibang klase ang High Impact Aerobics na naiisip ko. Push-ups and bench press will have new meanings. Tapos may cross(dresser)-training pa! Hahaha! Panalo!

cant_u_read said...

hahaha! kinakabahan ka na pag ako nagco-comment, kapateed? wag ganun!

Kervin said...

Yeah, am alive, I'm starting to live. Finally am in Manila, as planed...

years ago :D

visit my new blog once in awhile, its not yet formalized but it'll get there.

daniel palma tayona said...

hi-ho... a good friend nelson (he's up there in the comments list) gave me your blog's addy telling me something about podcasting. i have to admit, i am at a loss as to what that is.

and i am groping in the dark.

sigh, i feel like so dinosaur'ish.

what are the parameters of podcasting? how does it work? blah-blah-blah. with the risk of sounding doo-dee-dah-dah and letting the whole cyberworld know my ignoramusarian point-of-view (or lack of it)... i wonder what the heck it is.

yours truly,
a lost soul

joelmcvie said...

DANIEL: Hi-ho, Kermit the Frog heee-re...!

Hmmm. Podcasting is simply uploading an audio recording on a podcast site. Most people make audio recordings that mimic a radio show. Think Chico and Delamar. Mo Twister and Mojo Jojo. Nicole Ylala and Chris Chuper.

Or others can make it sound like one's just eavesdropping on a conversation.

Parameters are simple: think audio. How does it work? Get an MP3 recorder and just blab away. Then you edit it for pacing and length, upload it on the net, and viola. A podcast is born.

If you wanna hear an example or a podcast, click on "The McChika Show (podcast)" under the Talk Is Cheap! portion on the right-hand side of this blog. :-)

BTW, great site you have! I'll link yours, okay?

daniel palma tayona said...


i have been "cruising" and picking-up "cutee" blogsites and leaving some "flitty, flighty, flipflop'ish" remarks left and right and yet, i always run amiss on checking if the blogsite owner responded to any comment or crooked line i flippantly wrote. ahem, like you.


oh yes mcvie. i am honored if you link my bloggie to your bloggette. it's quite a pleasure. HOWEVER... i am at a loss on how to link yours (or anyone else's) to my own. either it's out of laziness or a lack of aptitude to go through those mind-boggling instructions on how to but the fact remains that.. my site remains unlinked to anyone and boring. i find yours and so many others' way more engaging.

oh, and thank you for enlightening me about podcasting. :-) i appreciate it - in a somersault kind of way. woohee...

daniel palma tayona said...

incidentally, i have an appeal to your readers.

is there anyone out there who is willing enough to help me improve my blogspot? you know, someone to sit beside me as i go through the pace and make me "batok" or "pitik" my ear if i am doing it wrong.

(naiinggit kasi ako sa mga really great blogs i see and read. some people have been able to design their blogs to be quite efficient. love it.)

libreng sketching session ang bayad. :-) or take a pick at an illustration ek-ek you might like. the computer i use is at a gallery in serendra.


(this is a shameless cry for help)