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Friday, June 22, 2007

The Nelz Chikahan, Part 1

Nelson “Nelz” Agustin (check out his site here) is the only one I personally know who is legally married to another man, a Canadian named Norman Gludovatz. Nelz now resides in Canada.

Recently he returned to Manila to attend the wedding of his friend. Since it’s a rare occasion to have Nelz here in the flesh, and an even rarer occasion to meet a married gay Pinoy (to another gay man, mind you, not to a woman—which is common here in the Philippines, but that’s beside the point) I asked him if he was willing to be interviewed regarding his marriage. So one evening Nelz went to my office to go on The McChika Show.

We ended up talking for two hours, touching on different topics. Since two hours is too much to download, I’ve decided to trim it down and cut it up into several parts. The first part is now uploaded in The McChika Show in (click on the link here).

So sit back, eavesdrop and enjoy Part 1 of The Nelz Chikahan.

(photo courtesy of NelzOnline)


Anonymous said...

First time to actually hear Nelz's voice. Very sexy! So butch and so witty. Welcome home Nelz. So, I guess you are with Norman? and a "date" is not possible? =)


Quentin X said...

I agree Nelz voice is deep and sexy. None of the American accent that I usually hear from canucks. Wish to meet him one day. When is my turn Joel?

joelmcvie said...

QUENTIN X: Uhm... are you swinging by Manila any time soon?

Or better yet! How about I find the money to fly to the land Down Under? Shet, wish ko lang may papa ako.

Quentin X said...

Planning to attend mum's 70th in October. You'll be one of the first to know. I promise.
As for finding that man, I'll try and pimp you around (I mean your blog). But then you have more readers than me!
Maybe if you stop chasing straight boys then maybe...

joelmcvie said...

QUENTIN X: I have stopped chasing straights. :-)