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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Congratulations, Gibbs!

(Gibbs, feeling ko ikaw na ang magta-top, kahit na ba bottom ka. CHOZ, CHARING! Hahahahahahaha!)

* * * * *

As I predicted, Gibbs Cadiz’s score of 9.8 topped my 9.7 in Berate My Blog (my gosh, I wish I was talking about penile inches, hahaha). His blog is not just well-written; it also has cultural, social and artistic relevance. Calling him “the wonderful and very talented writer” in my acceptance speech didn’t hurt either, ahahaha!

So Gibbs, let me just walk down the ramp and wave to the crowd one last time before I pass on the crown, the sash and the scepter to you (and I just said Berate My Blog is not a beaucon—indulge my fantasy, please). You are now the highest berated one in Berate My Blog. Do us proud with your acceptance speech.

And may there be more 9.7s and 9.8s to come!

1 comment:

gayngame said...

mmmm. oi! pasalamat kayo di pa ako sumasali sa "Berate My Blog." Di kaya 9.9 makuha ko? hahaha. Joke!

namimiss ko na ang barbecue chicken 'n pita bread. kailan uli tayo kakain nun?