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Friday, June 29, 2007

If Only For The OBB, Listen!

And the first entry for season six is about a podcast.

At this point I must admit that producing these podcasts have been fun, fun, fun! I kinda missed editing—audio or video—which I used to do almost on a daily basis back when I was working in a TV network.

That’s why Part 3 of the Nelz Chika series features a bitchin’ OBB that I would best describe as “My Heart Will Go On” Jack and Rose movie dialogue version meets LOVE “Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?” Radio. Obvious ba na nagwala ako dito sa part 3?

Part 3 has: dual citizenship, high tide or low tide, Mexico, sharing of lives, keeping one’s identity in a marriage, faulty romantic movies, romance novels, and Air Supply.

And for the third time, I was able to keep my podcast under 20 minutes!

So click on the link here or under “Talk Is Cheap!” and enjoy.

(Watch out for Part 4. Good luck to me.)


Nelson said...

grabe inabangan ni Norm yan hahahha!

Wheeee to season six!

Nelson said...

Nakakaloka ang bacon ha? he he he You can have an alternative career as a radio mixmaster! Galeng!