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Monday, June 04, 2007

Mr. Generous

Before there was F, before there was E, there was CB. Club Bath is the mother of bathhouses here in the metro. Back in the 90s, after I had graduated from cruising in movie houses and public restrooms and from frequenting massage parlors, CB was the only place I’d go to if I felt particularly frisky and wanted a safe place to scratch my itch.

Back then I already noticed this particular guy: around 5’6” or 5’7”, Fil-Chinese looking (more “Fil” than “Chinese” though), about five years or so older than me. He had a pretty well-built body—full pecs, bulging biceps and triceps, and an almost six-pac. I say “almost” because there was a thin layer of fat all over him, like the kind when one eats really well and lives the good life. Okay, so maybe I’m romanticizing his layer of fat. In other words, his body is not that cut and well-defined, but he’s got the bulk of a guy who seriously works out.


When I first saw him I didn’t approach him; he looked like someone out of my league. He’d always be standing in one corner with his hands crossed over his chest, sometimes not moving from that spot for minutes on end. Very patient, very aloof. But after sighting him several times in subsequent visits, I decided to make a move. Well, well, well! Bongga wagi lola n’yo! He turned out to be quite the aggressive one. He was also the rare one who insisted that he do all the work; if ever I tried to reciprocate, he would just gently move my hand—or whatever body part I was using—away. What a generous, selfless gentleman! (Must be Jesuit-trained, hahaha.) After that, every time we see each other in CB we eventually end up doing it. He became my first and only fuck buddy.

When I changed jobs and worked in QC, I discovered F so I stopped going to CB. I lost touch of Mr. Generous. When I moved back to Makati last year, I renewed my membership in CB.

When I was there recently I bumped into Mr. Generous. Almost 4 years have passed since we last saw each other; he didn’t recognize me at first because of my hair (I used to be semi-kal back then) and my goatee. I could see changes on him too. His hair has more white especially on the sides, making him more mature-looking. And the effects of age showed on his body; you know how, when a person grows old, his body sort of “deflates”? Like someone let the air out, making his body look not as packed and full as before? But the muscles are still there. For a man his age, he actually looks very good.

He placed his arm around my shoulder and led me to his room. And just like that, it was as if the years between our meetings disappeared. He was still as aggressive as ever, maybe even more so. Practice makes perfect, right? And boy, did he perfect his tongue skills! He devoured me, like a man who just ended his hunger strike and discovered the buffet table.

While he was busy having his fill, I accidentally grazed the fingers on his left hand and felt metal. I looked down. But then he started licking the area between my balls and my glory hole. Shit! I couldn’t concentrate. With much difficulty I made a mental note: “Ask. About. Ooooh, yeah! Ring. That feels gooood! Later.”

Jump-cut. (Let’s pander to the Board of Censors, shall we?)

After I wrapped my towel around my waist, I held his hand and fiddled with his ring. “I’ve always been married,” he said.

Cut to my facial reaction: Ah! Eh…. Iee. Oh. Uh!

“But I don’t remember you having a ring before,” I said.

“That was before. Now I feel more comfortable with myself,” he said. “Before I used to take it off. Now I just let it stay on my finger.”


I guess people are capable of thinking and doing anything just to be able to live with themselves. Well, whatever floats his boat, I say. Whether I agree or not regarding his infidelity is not the issue here; I’m just happy for him that he’s not struggling with himself anymore.

To this date I only know the following about him: his name (whether real or a pseudonym, who cares?) and that he’s married (whether they still live together or they’re separated, I never bothered to ask).

And one more: his tongue should be classified as a deadly weapon.


Baklang AJ said...

Juskomae! Kakalorki naman ito! Saan naman itong club bath na ito? Ay teka, since magkaparehas tayo ng ideal guy, evil twin, hindi na lang ako gagawi don baka magsabunutan tayo! saka may borkosity factor ako sa bath house... hihi

joelmcvie said...

"borkosity"? Inay ko po, wiz ko pa knowing evah yang terminology na yan. Anetch ang meaning ng "borkosity"?

Anonymous said...

pwede lang mag-comment friend? bakit kaya ang swerte swerte mo sa mga ganyan?...ikaw palagi ang tinatrabaho...kainggit ka! lecheh!


josh said...

i fu__n luv dis entry. More of this please :)

jasé said...

Off topic but you may be interested to know that when googling 'bottoms rule', your blog best fit the inquiry
which originated on Cable.
"So what", he wondered "-exactly -- is that?"
But actually pretty sure because the show was 'Gay Sex in the 70's' and the phrase came up.
I have never been to a gay person's blog before (in spite of being myself) and yours is nice.
A two-fer....kinda.
So well.
Stay happy.
[older, Yank, Montana, pretty vain
but not 'deflated' and as it turns out...bottom probably.
May even find out someday.]

joelmcvie said...

PAO: Friend, more often than not I do a lot of work--I actually like taking an active role. But I don't blog about it. It's only the rare ones that get blogged. So wag kang mainggit. :-)

JOSH: Hay naku, boring na ang mga sexcapades ko, hahaha. Unless a rare, kagulat-gulat moment happens, in which case it'll appear in The McVie Show!

JASE: Thank you very much for dropping by. Oh my, I had no idea my blog episodes are google-worthy. And would snag an older Montanan (er, is that how one would say "someone from Montana"?) who's pretty vain, not deflated, and most probably bottom. You should try bottoming with someone who knows how to top properly and is considerate of your "virgin-bottom" status. Nothing's worse than a selfish prick--literally--who doesn't care if your ass is ready to receive or not.

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

Haha. This post has got to be one of your best. Sex with a married affair with a married man! I love love love it! Where is this Club Bath? I'd like to visit the next time I go there. Bah! I'd probably chicken out. Bathhouses were never really my thing. I'd have to get tipsy first before having hot sex with a random guy like that time when I was in a gay club in Malate...I think I'll save it for a post hehe ciao!

joelmcvie said...

JOHN (and anyone else who's interested to know where Club Bath is):

They have a website! Log on to and check it out. There's even a map and contact numbers.

Baklang AJ said...

Borkosity - state of being afraid. from the root word borkot - takot. hehehe. (actually imbento imbento ko lang. hehe)

joelmcvie said...

BAKLANG AJ: Aaaah, well then tama pala ang hinala ko na "borkot" yung tinutukoy mo. O sha, mystery solved. :-)