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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Nelz Chikahan, Part 2

The second part of my conversation with Nelz: around the islands, Norman staying in the Philippines versus Nelz going to Canada, cold weather fashion, adjusting to Canada, their Hungarian programmer, DINKOCs and meeting Norm’s parents.

Click on the link under “Talk Is Cheap!” found to the right, to the right… and enjoy.

(Part 3 coming soon.)


Nelson said...

I realized how very cathartic it was for me to share my experiences with you... It was like reconnecting to the events and people that gave me great joy, and the courage to live life and laugh!

Thank you so much, Joel!

Quentin X said...

It was something I could very much relate to. I am part of a DINKOC myself. Does that makes me a dinky di Aussie? I feel like Iam listening to myself. First year was as hard for me when I migrated. The language experience is pretty much the same except that Nelz was in the other side of the planet. Thanks for sharing. It made me appreciate where I am now and what I have become.

joelmcvie said...

QUENTIN X: That's what The McVie Show is all about. So long as I am able to touch one double-income-no-kids-one-cock... ay! este, cat pala! Pinoy like yourself, then all this is worth it.

(pause for effect)


joelmcvie said...

NELZ: No, thank you for taking the time. Hoy bakla, dalawang oras din ang chikahan natin ha! Marami-rami pang hindi napo-produce. I think I'll be busy with parts 3&4 for the whole of this week. (Sana umabot hanggang part 7 para tulad siya ng Harry Potter. Tangina, i-level ba with Harry Potter?! Ahahahahaha!)