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Friday, June 01, 2007

It’s Friday, And I Really Just Need To Update The McVie Show

Jeez, this has been one hectic week at work. Next week is looming to be another one, maybe even worse.

Sigh. When it rains (goodbye Summer), work pours.

* * * * *

First there was Friendster. Then I discovered Connexion and Downelink (for gay folks only). Plus I got into Multiply. Now there’s Facebook, and Twitter, and I just received an invitation to join Quechup(?!)

Ano ba yan? All these social networks! When it rains, it pours!

It’s not that I don’t want to be friends or be connected with you. But I was never really the groupie type. I choose one group and I stick to it. That’s why I never collected a lot of extra-curricular activities in school—I just had TA and that’s it. Shet, does that mean I’m monogamous?



Raymond said...

So it wasn't you who invited me to join your Quechup group? That explains why the invitation came with a spam alert.

I agree: I'm no groupie either, and I tend to ignore all those invitations too. Their loss, not mine. Taray, no?

joelmcvie said...

That Quechup thing is tuso, ha. I never invited anyone to join. But now you're the second person who told me that I invited them to be on Quechup. Aba, aba, aba! Tinanggal ko nga sarili ko doon.

Q The Conqueror said...


Friendster for mainstream friends (and stalking)

Downelink for the gay connections
(and more stalking)

Multiply for pics galore (or Facebook, pero mas gusto ko ng multiply) (for picture stalking)

Lol. Lumalabas ang pagkastalker. hahaha. thats all i need. :P

joelmcvie said...

Q: Hahaha, go ahed and stalk away! Kung ayaw naman ng tao na ma-stalk, he can always: [1] not join; [2] limit the access to their profile. Otherwise, considered "public info" whatever's on the net. :-)