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Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Trinomial Equation

(activity area of Alabang Town Center) + (interiors of Glorietta) + (exterior and greens of Greenbelt 3&4) = (Tri Noma Mall)

Tri Noma is like The Greatest Hits of Ayala Malls.

You have a huge activity area.

Just outside the cinema level (top level) is a huge garden, with lots of trees plus waterscaping (unfortunately, the fountains don’t have water yet). They were smart enough to place most of the restaurants, bars and coffee shops around this area and along the exteriors of the mall. Near the activity and cinema areas are the fastfood chains and the foodcourt.

Unlike Mall of Asia, it is not too sprawling to be a pain on the feet to explore. And while it’s not too predictably laid-out, it’s not too confusing either. For me it’s my immediate favorite mall. Parking is quite plentiful, though the parking space area is more compact than other Ayala malls.

And these are a couple of reasons why I like Tri Noma:
Soon to open: PowerMac Center!

Wish ko lang I have a MacPro to justify buying one of their bags, hahaha.

More photos in McMultiply here.


Anonymous said...

Hey i was der ds afternoon frm 12:30 to 4 pm. Sayang d tayo nag eye ball dun :( Actually i was with my whole clan. Celebrated father's day with my dad & sibligs sa eat all u can Kamay Kainan. (buti na lang di umulan ng malakas for fear na another ceiling myt colapse! ngi!)

I spotted a nice skull t-shirt sa levis store, P1,250 (d kaya ng budget!)

Ang daming models nagrampa harap ng folded & hung ah! :)

Reyville said...

I'm supposed to BLOG about TriNoma too. Unfortunately, i don't have the camera I've been dying to buy as of the moment. A friend actually texted me this during its first day of opening, I was there too but he came first: "TriNoma is wonderful! I don't think we'll ever have to go to Makati again! Looks small but it's big. Cross between Glorietta and Greenbelt! Lotsa shops! Krispy kreme, etc! Bring kids today, free carousel ride! Mom tried it already! Ha Ha!" So there, I think I can erase it from my phone now. HeHe.