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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Pushing Patrick Wolf

…down the stairs, pass the door, and into your eyes and ears.

My friend Leigh’s musical tastes are more adventurous and off the beaten track. The last time she listened to a top 40 tune voluntarily, Casey Kasem still had a career; I on the other hand am so mainstream I can play Casey Kasem in his biopic. So when she lets me listen to some new artist she discovered on the ‘net (oops, does this mean she downloads stuff illegally? ahihihihi) it usually takes me a couple or more listenings before I eventually form an opinion on the music.

Patrick Wolf is one of the rare exceptions.

(And no, it’s not because of his clothes. I saw his pics after I heard his songs.)

When Leigh showed me the music video for “The Magic Position” I immediately liked the melody and the rhythm (it’s often the music that grabs me first; interesting lyrics are an immediate plus). Listening to the song in my iTunes, I reveled at his playful arrangement. It’s the sound of someone who is in love with sounds and tossed everything together in a happy carnival-like soundscape. His voice calls to mind David Bowie at his most fey. The music video manages to capture the slap-dash feel of the music, and the giddy vibe of the song.

O di ba ang straight niya, ‘no?!

This 24-year old knows how to play several instruments including harp, clavinet, harpsichord, guitar, piano, autoharp, kantele, organ, mountain dulcimer, clavichord, harmonium, accordion, theremin, ukulele, viola and violin.

Several lang yun, ha.

And in a February 27, 2007 interview with The London Paper, Patrick Wolf raised many questions about his sexuality: “In the same way I don’t know if my sixth album is going to be a death-metal record or children’s pop, I don’t know whether I’m destined to live my life with a horse, a woman or a man. It makes life easier.” (from Wikipedia)

O di ba ang saya ng attitude?

Maybe that’s the way the younger generation is headed to with regards to sexual orientation. I can imagine there’ll be more Friendster accounts with “It’s complicated” in the status box. It’ll be a free-for-all. Shet, ang gulo n’un.

Anyway, kung may duda pa kayo sa sexuality ni Mareng Partick, watch na lang kayo ng “Accident and Emergency,” the second song from his album.

“O ano, nalokah ba kayo sa video kesh?”


John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

Hello Androgyny! Maybe it'll be the end of the categorization of sexual preference/orientation? Gays in the mainstream and all that. The Conservatives would have a fit. I can just imagine Isagani Cruz seething with rage. But I still firmly believe that at some point and time, You have to accept who you are and do what is natural to you.

His songs are sortof kinda New Wave 80's. David Bowie's heir. Well I think so anyway.

joelmcvie said...

JOHN: Let Isagani seeth all he wants. Siya rin naman ang mapag-iiwanan ng panahon. :-)

the philosphical bastard said...

i'm not a fan of british singers (except maybe for James Morrison.. he's good) but Patrick Wolf doesn't sound like I'm gonna change the music either. Is it just me or does he remind you of REM?

and.. si nora kaya, anong sexuality?

joelmcvie said...

PHILO BASTARD: You're right! His music sounds like the earlier R.E.M., pre-"Monster".

Anonymous said...

another interesting gay artist hitting the airwaves these day is mika. although we won;t probably hear him here in the p.i., his songs are all over the net. you might want to check him out, esp his breakout hits: grace kelly (baklang bakla!) and happy ending. :)

joelmcvie said...

ANONYMOUS: Mika?! Ano ba? His album was already available in Tower/MusicOne and Odyssey even before I heard of Patrick Wolf. And I've seen his music video in MTV, Channel V and even Myx. So mukhang may pag-asa ang gay pop sa Pinas, hahahaha.