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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chi-chi-rit Chat

I had an enjoyable chat with a Friendster of mine on online hook-ups, SEBs and bathhouses:

* * * * *

Friendster: eh ano ba talaga type mo?

mcvie: iba-iba eh… at iba talaga when I only have pictures to go by

Friendster: naku may mga hanggang photogenic lang diyan

mcvie: oo naman! iba rin talaga pag face-to-face

Friendster: of course

mcvie: but so far i've never had an experience
mcvie: wherein
mcvie: the disparity between picture and actual person is sooo glaring
mcvie: na parang “teeeka, ikaw nga ba yung sa picture?!”
mcvie: lahat pa naman ng meet-ups ko so far, even if the real person looks a notch lower versus his photos, yung “notch lower” na yun is still within tolerable levels

Friendster: eh how about the body, kelangan ba buffed or gym toned?

mcvie: hindi naman kailangan buff
mcvie: although i must admit na i have a weakness for muscled guys

Friendster: me too

mcvie: para sa akin may tolerable level din pagdating sa katawan
mcvie: kung nakita mo ang pics ng isang tao, may idea ka na on how he looks like
mcvie: and so you’ll have certain minimum expectations
mcvie: but you should also be ready for disappointment

Friendster: i get you

mcvie: iba ang dynamics sa bathhouse
mcvie: kung marami ang iyong options at medyo madali kang makakapili, puwede kang super-demanding sa iyong standards. pero pag wala kang masyadong options…

Friendster: mas lalo na pag late na at panic buying na

mcvie: iba yang “panic buying” scenario sa bathhouse... doon naman, it's a deliberate lowering of standards, hahahaha

Friendster: hahahahaha
Friendster: so far naman sa twice kong pagpunta sa bathhouse di pa ako umabot sa panic buying
Friendster: although di naman masyado mataas ang standards ko
Friendster: hindi na ako naga-attempt sa mga buffed, nag-iilusyon na lang ako sa ganoon
Friendster: ini-imagine ko na lang sila kung nakadamit; kasi some guys are better looking with their clothes on

mcvie: sa tagal ko na sa eksena, naka-ilang panic buying din ako
mcvie: kaya after a while, i said to myself, “hindi na ito maganda for my self-esteem”
mcvie: so what i did was... pag zero talaga ako sa bathhouse, hindi ko na ina-attempt na mag panic buy
mcvie: i just walk out, cut my losses early... and just treat myself to a nice meal
mcvie: at least yung meal, talagang sigurado ang kain ko! hahaha

Friendster: buti ka pa. ako kasi nanghihinayang sa entrance fee eh. hahahaha ang cheap

mcvie: noon ako rin nanghihinayan sa entrance fees
mcvie: pero when i weighed the amount of the entrance fee versus the loss of self-esteem
mcvie: i decided mas importante sa akin ang self-esteem ko :-)

Friendster: kunsabagay


Anonymous said...

Hey Mcvie! Great blog, as always.
Since you were talking about the bath house (I'm assuming Club Bath--which is nice), I wonder if you've heard or been to this place called Q-riosity? Or is it Queeriosity? I'm not exactly sure what the name is but it's something like that...any feedback?

You know your word rocks when it comes to taste AND sleaze :-)

joelmcvie said...

@ANONYMOUS: Yes, I've heard of Queeriosity but I've not gone there. It's relatively new, so the facilities are still quite spic-n-span, or so I've been told.

E said...

i havent been to any bath house yet...but i want to not to hook up but I just want to see whats happening there :-) I mean hello! I can't play that game anymore since I'm already positive. I saw your pic Mcvie and your one HOT SOB! yum yum! and your 41?! YUM YUM YUMMY AGE!!

joelmcvie said...

@E: Down, boy, down! Hahaha. =)

Ano ba E, yung picture ko kaya nandito sa blog ko the whole time. Unless... meron kang mga nakitang pictures ko na pang-scandal--kaya?! Hahaha!

Oh, and I'm 42 na po. =)

mraunch said...

a few points on BH-dynamics:
• minsan naman kasi everybody's just afraid to be rejected. you would think that the good ones are choosy, but actually they're just looking for other guys to do the first move. (actually, medyo factoid na 'to--the better-looking the guy, the greater the insecurity about looks and the greater the fear of rejection)

• minsan zero isnt zero, if all else fails, be the choosy one! strut your stuff, let them ogle and then reject! self-esteem ba kamo?

• patience is a virtue. just be aware that you don't panic in buying, ok lang to stay late (yep, will post about this soon hehehe)

dakojud said...

i think i've seen you sa CB. nagpanick buying ka ba nun? kidding. ur blogs are great. keep it up.