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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That Made Me Pout This Morning

This morning I saw a billboard along EDSA announcing the 2008 Philippine Anti-Ageing Medical Convention. Their headline reads: “I love my age!”

I think it’s the height (pun intended) of irony that a convention’s billboard should scream “I love my age!” while the participants call themselves “anti-ageing”. (Yeah right, they love their young age so much, they’ll try to hold on to it for the longest time.)

Meanwhile below that billboard is another one advertising Journey’s latest album featuring their new Pinoy lead singer, Arnel Pineda. An ageing rock group tries to jumpstart their dying career by getting a new lead singer who sounds exactly like their old lead singer—and they even re-recorded some of their old songs with Arnel doing vocals.

That is so meta-postmodern-ironic-wink-wink, my nose is bleeding.

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