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Monday, August 04, 2008

If Only We Can Say Out Loud What We Think, Part 3

Let’s call the latest member of the cast MF. Apparently CB knows MF. Did something happen to them before? Were they officemates? And more importantly, is this a threesome waiting to happen? Things that made me go, hmmm.

CB was seated diagonally from me; MF sat beside me, so he too could easily glance at CB. CB never bothered to hide his throbbing erection from the two of us.

Aha! Confeeeermed!

So I decided to test MF—is he okay for a three-way, or no way? I loosened up my towel. Nothing. Meanwhile CB was getting restless; he stood up and stepped out. Through the window I saw him enter a shower stall; then the sound of running water followed.

MF used the opportunity to switch places and take over where CB was seated. Now he was diagonally in front of me; this time he sat with his towel carelessly draped over his crotch area.

One-on-one pala gusto mo, ha? O na-get mo na before si CB? No matter.

He made the first move by rubbing himself. I followed. Things escalated and soon he had his towel off and was jacking off in front of me. Then he stood up, approached me, and started rubbing his manhood against mine.

Huuuy, aggressive! Not afraid to take risks. Go, girl!

I noticed he was trying his best to slip his cock between my legs and pushing it lower.

Additional proof to my ever-growing hypothesis: the shorter and less muscular the guy, the more likely he’s a top.

I stood up to prevent him from going any further. He took it as a sign that I was going to kiss him, so he leaned closer to my face. Soon we were kissing. Then we heard the running water stop; CB had finished showering. We broke off our embrace and returned to our places. CB came in, dripping wet and clutching his towel loosely. MF took that opportunity to step out and cool off with a shower. When he was gone, CB laughed and said, “Hope I didn’t interrupt your party.”

I smiled, “Naaaah.”

CB arranged his towel so that it was barely covering his manhood. Pretty soon MF came back in. “Hope I didn’t interrupt your party,” CB repeated, this time to MF. But I answered, “You can join the party if you like.” CB leaned back, closed his eyes and spread his legs.

I stood up and placed myself in between the two. MF allowed me to touch him. CB, on the other hand, had another thing in mind.

“You can suck me now,” he said.

I bet you’re a group supervisor and all your subordinates think you’re too bossy!

But I follow instructions nonetheless. Soon he was moaning. Then in the midst of that, he stopped me and asked, “Are you sure there’s no videocam in here?”

Helleeeeer?! Ano akala mo dito, Pinoy Big Brother?

“It’s too dark in here,” I said, hoping that’ll be enough for him. But CB covered himself up with his towel just the same. So I turned to MF. We finished each other off, with CB watching us. MF stepped out of the sauna ahead of me. Then CB turned to me and said, “Wanna finish me off here?”

I’m finished here.

I just sat there and smiled at him. Then I said, “Excuse me, I need to wash up and cool off. So hot here!” and walked out.

Maybe no more next time. Maybe.

(to be concluded)


Enrico Nicolas said...

and this is why i'm afraid of sauna rooms.

closet case said...

haylaveth! like so many of my own stories. LOL

joelmcvie said...

@ENRICO NICOLAS: Be afraid. Be very afraid. LOLZ! Seriously, sex in the sauna is just like drugs: JUST SAY NO, and nothing will happen.

@CC: 'Teh, wala ako sa kalingkingan ng mga stories mo, LOLZ!

Mugen said...

Additional proof to my ever-growing hypothesis: the shorter and less muscular the guy, the more likely he’s a top.

- Interesting observations.

TheBachelorGirl said...

Naku, tuwing pumupunta ako sa branch na yon, naaalala kita. And I keep an eye out for those guys fitting your descriptions. LOL

joelmcvie said...

@THEBACHELORGIRL: You want me to point them out to you next time? Hehehe. ;-)