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Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Authors Fabcast, Part 1 (The Invite)

What was supposedly a quickie Fabcast to promote three book launches evolved, in true Fabcasters’ fashion, into an interview and a discussion of one of the hottest topics of our time—HIV and AIDS. Yes folks, we Fabcasters can’t seem to keep our mouths shut, ahahaha!

But first, let’s get this business out of the way. For Part 1, the three authors would like to invite all those interested to come join us for a Threesome. It’s the formal launch of the three books by three bloggers: Migs with “Dear Migs: Letters To MGG,” McVie with “The Wet Book: Stories From The Bathhouse” and E with “Chronicles Of E.” (See the poster below for details.)

Hear more here:

Download this podcast (right click and save)

Coming soon: the three of us talk more in detail about our books.

Also, the three books are now available online.

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