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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Correction Re. Danton

A reader named John sent me the following message on Facebook:

Hi Joel,

Danton is misquoted. I was in the area when he was interviewed (english dept, dela costa hall, admu in may 2008). If you closely watch the video below, the “quote” in question was cut/pasted out of context. I clearly remember that he was not pertaining to going to bathhouses or engaging in anonymous sex per se but engaging in unprotected sex in these places/encounters.

I hope this clears the issue.



blagadag said...

ay ganun. protection. ang swerte na nga ng mga nasa bath houses, may bantay. sa kabukiran, walang ilaw. pagkatapos kang makipag sex (safe man o wiz) pwede ka pa ring tigokin at holdapin dahil sa dilim. puro baklang sosyalera sa bath houses na lang ba ang proteksyonan? paano na ang mg abaklang bukid? di ba mandy moore? well, let's talk more about sex. go.

~Carrie~ said...

Mukha ngang na-edit si Mr. Danton sa video para ma-misquote. Pero hindi pa rin unhealthy, cheap at pathetis ang bathhouse! Hindi! Violent reaction! LOL