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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

How Can I Move On, When I Keep Coming Back To…

I used to work for the brand. Back the, I got to within inches from celebrities like Dawn Zulueta, Judy Ann Santos and Angel Locsin. Ms. Dawn is most graceful, bringing a whole Cebu lechon to the last day of the shoot to feed to the crew. Juday keeps to herself mostly, but when she turns her attention to you, her focus on you just radiates. And Angel, despite her busy schedule, is so easy to work with—she is so down-to-earth and respectful to everyone on set. We were lucky to work on a brand whose celebrity endorsers were a joy to work with. (Yes, there are celebrities that are a pain in the ass onset and off.)

And now that I’m out of the industry, here comes Myra E with a new commercial featuring not just Angel Locsin but also Luis Manzano! Shet.


~Carrie~ said...

Ang cute ng commercial.

Joel, I haven't gotten the details yet. Please send through email. Thank you!

Felipe said...

Shet talaga. Imagine mo na lang yung posibleng dalhin ni Lucky sa set.

[insert gay porn thoughts here]

ethan h said...

Who are the celebrities you are a**holes to work with?

ethan h said...

Sorry. Correction.

Who are the celebrities who are a**holes to work with?