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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Authors Fabcast, Part 2

Here, Migs (with butt-ins by his book’s editor, Gibbs) and I talk a bit about our books, “Dear Migs: Letters To MGG” and “The Wet Book: Stories From The Bathhouse.”

Coming soon is the third and last part: our interview with Chronicles of E. Watch out for it.

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~Carrie~ said...

Joel, I wanted to write about how going to the bathhouse is not really an "unhealthy expression of sexuality". But I know you are in a better position to refute that. :)

E said...

I LOVE THE WET BOOK!!! Mcvie knows how much I love the book LOLZ!!! Of course Letter's to MGG is equally fantastic 'cause I've leaned alot from MGG's comments and his readers advice. WET BOOK!!! Panallo! i give it 10 PAK's....pak-pak-pak-pak-pak-pak-pak-pak-pak-pak!

Nimmy said...

done listening. kinilig ako sa ending... ayeeee. in a relationship.. ayeee :)

efrenefren said...

totoo bang indi ka na single?

palma tayona said...

'unhealthy expression of sexuality'. hmmm...

going to a secure place where one can have consensual sex with another adult anonymously or otherwise if one gets the itch is preferable over flashing his penis in front of a group of coeds, collecting child pornography or practicing necrophilia. i would never subscribe to the last three deviant behaviors, but seriously, bathhouses do have its purpose aside from being an 'unhealthy expression of ones sexuality'. in a secure location, one can have a sexual outlet other than one's bedroom or toilet; the internet where one is not sure if you might be meeting a 'poser'/'faker'; or bars/streets where your next trick could turn out to be the gay serial killer/slasher.

if the 'straight religiously moral' world sees the gay community as being ungodly deviants; and within the gay community you also still have amongst its ranks those who judge other gay people's actions as being 'unhealthy sexual expressions'... eh saan pa ba lulugar ang mga baklang naghahanap ng sekswal/pisikal na ekspresyon ng kanilang pagkatao? should one go back to the rocking gay eighties at maghanap ng aliw sa kapwa lalaki sa mga iskinita ng maynila, sa mga madidilim at mapapanghing double-feature cinemas sa recto/quiapo o sa malawak na damuhan sa likod ng picc na tinawag na 'bakahan?

methinks the phrase above is... is like a phrase taken from a statement of censorship. parang si manoling morato ang nagsalita eh: moralistic, outdated and totally out of touch.