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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Full Of Thanks

Last night was the Threesome book launch. Last night I was again reminded of how blessed I am. I am most thankful for all those blessings—from my fellow Fabcasters and numerous friends, to Grey Matter Publishing and Raymond Lee, and to all our readers online (and now off).

As nonchalant as I am of being a published author, I still recognize the fact that not everyone will have a chance to publish a book. That I was able to, with the least of hassles on my part, is something that I am going to be most grateful for in the years to come.


anteros' dominion said...

congrats sir..i havent received my copy which i asked kuya mugen to buy for me..looking forward to read the 3 books :)

Leo said...

hey, continue inspiring us with your talent for writing. :)

daredevilry said...

congratulations! i wanted to go but budget's been tight these past months. i hope to get a copy as soon as i have the money. :)

i am so envious. lol

Von_Draye said...

Mcvie, may I remind you that you're not the only one whose blessed. We are; because you, Migs and E were there...

Again, you've heard it again and again, and I'll say it once again for the last time one more time! HEhehe



I still recognize the fact that not everyone will have a chance to publish a book

Because not everyone is Mcvie,E and Migs...


soltero said...

congrats sir! kelan kaya maging available dito yan...or sa amazon :)