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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chit Chat-an

Had a chat with someone (itago na lang natin siya sa initials na YM) over YM. (Take note, whenever YM and I chat, we don’t always take each other too seriously.)

* * * * *

YM: my only sense of fun is the brian blog
mcvie: hahaha
YM: everybody's so "take that you rich bitch!"
mcvie: yeah
mcvie: that's the only venue where they can do that, LOL
YM: and sooooo loving the who killed joel tantoco? very telenovela
mcvie: naku lalabas na kaya ang katotohanan? abangan....!
mcvie: LOL
YM: and why are the GG not speaking up
mcvie: naku if i were them I WON'T!
mcvie: speaking up is the LAST THING they should do
YM: oo naman, but its not really good for us readers hehehe
mcvie: if they weather this blog and they keep silent all throughout, their power and mystique will increase tenfold
mcvie: alam mo naman ang pinoy
mcvie: I mean, look at imelda and her family... :-)
mcvie: if i were GG's PR spin person, i'd tell them to just shut up
YM: sana may pics or vid si brian of them in compromising situations
mcvie: ay, mukhang wala
mcvie: otherwise dapat lumabas na yun noon pa
mcvie: in fact, i think brian's running out of steam and dirt to dish out
YM: i think marami pa, its just legal stuff thats making him shut up pa
mcvie: eh kasi naman
mcvie: you just don't say things and expect NOTHING to happen
mcvie: karma does not choose sides
mcvie: and what brian is doing may be "entertaining" but... really now
mcvie: there are consequences
mcvie: and the consequences need not necessarily come from the GG group
YM: honey, there's not much he can lose
mcvie: honey, there still is a lot
mcvie: anyway, if brian wants to go down in a blazing inferno dragging the GG along, that's his choice
mcvie: but you think he's going to get any amount back? as in, realistically? :-)
YM: pucha, if that ever happened to me, ill go fuckin jologs on their ass and just kill their kids or grandkids
mcvie: pero yun na nga, YM... there are consequences
mcvie: let's say you go jologs and murder their kids
mcvie: do you think it'll stop there?
mcvie: anyway, choice rin naman ni brian yung blog na yun
mcvie: just as much as the GG have chosen to stay silent
mcvie: (which i think isn't really indicative of how "smart" the GG are, i think it's more of wala silang choice, LOL)
YM: kaso nga, silence or not, he wont be geting of his mney back, then just drag veryone down (yup it's low, but im not exactly on a double-digit floor of the lifestyle bldg now)
mcvie: then there goes all of Brian's statements of "I'll stop this blog when I get my money". Then that's just an empty bluff.
mcvie: if so... if brian's aim is to drag them all down, then the next question is... to where? to what end?
mcvie: throwing dirt at them may soil their name for now... but only for now
mcvie: there is an immediate effect, yes i agree
mcvie: in fact, one of the GG just lost an endorsement due to the blog scandal
mcvie: but like THAT's going to stop them
YM: so we just resign to the fact that they cant be stopped?
mcvie: uhm... stop them from what?
mcvie: stopping them from drug use? that's their problem
mcvie: stopping them from pulling off another fraud? that's OUR problem... kung nagpaloko tayo kay DJ knowing what he did to brian, eh di TANGA tayo, di ba?
mcvie: so... what are we supposed to stop the GG from doing?
YM i meant if you were brian, what would have you done?
mcvie: first I will try and see if there's a legal way to get my money back
mcvie: if there's no legal way, then I just let that money go
mcvie: that's just me, of course
YM: kasi ako, i'd just go crazy on them
mcvie: kasi may kasabihan nga
mcvie: yung pera, puwede mong kitain uli
mcvie: pero I'll never let them get me to drop my dignity
mcvie: and honor
mcvie: i'm sorry, pero that's just me
mcvie: and my attitude towards money
mcvie: i think it'll take something else (not money) to make me give up my dignity and honor, LOL!!!
mcvie: :-D
YM: i dot think it's really the mney, but the amount sure makes it owrth the time and effort for the battle
mcvie: nah, i wanna get that money the legal way
mcvie: mas masarap ang revenge para sa akin kung ganoon
mcvie: (that is, IF there is a legal way)
mcvie: pero kung wala, ay sus
mcvie: feeling ko if that happened to me...
mcvie: after several days of going crazy
mcvie: i'm going to calm down
mcvie: and just let the money go
YM: kasi ako i wanna see them die slowly
YM: i wanna see them suffer
mcvie: hmmm... maybe that's why brian is on a downward death spin
mcvie: he is HIV +
mcvie: so maybe he’s thinking he might as well drag them all down
mcvie: if i were dying and that happened to me...
mcvie: hmmm
mcvie: i don't think i'll still want my money back
mcvie: i think all the more i'd let it go
YM: no fuckin way--im gonna spend my days thinking of ways to quietly get them
YM: moral compass my ass
mcvie: well, that's you :-)
mcvie: kasi as far as i'm concerned, EVEN if i write the definitive tell-all blog/book that'll ultimately destroy them all and that'll be published or released the day i die... well, PATAY NA AKO EH
mcvie: so wa epek din para sa akin, hahahaha
mcvie: hay naku, bakit ba kasi high-involvement ka sa GG? LOL
YM: because kris isnt pregnant, greta's walk-out was a non-event, clinton-obama is in a stalemate, and the zte scandal is soooo old na
mcvie: my gulay, that’s a sign… TOO MUCH WORK NA! GET A LIFE, LOL!
mcvie: get a SEX life! LOL


Nelson said...

My God I got into an argument with another blogger because of the Brian blog -- and I don't even blog anymore!!!!

Naku talaga! Hoy balita ko pupunta raw ng Canada ang Brian G. Salubungin kaya namin with sampaguita sa Vancouver airport? wehehehhehe!

joelmcvie said...

@NELZ: Hahaha! Ang latest chizmaks ay may magbabayad daw sa kanya--on behalf of DJ. Nakakalurkaye!

ONAI said...

joel why now ka lang nag update ng blog ang dami ko tuloy babasahin nyan lol