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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Leigh Went To Singapore And All I Got Were These Really Cool T-shirts

(t-shirts by NewUrbanMale)

She even got me the card because she knew only I could appreciate the ABBA-esqueness of it all. Thank god for friends who know exactly my sense of humor.

But apparently not my shirt size. She has under-estimated me. Yes it’s flattering, but this is a case of “Flattery will get me stomach cramps”. Time to do more exercises, like sucking my gut in for a whole night.

Oh I exaggerate. I mean, I think I can carry off the dark “YouTube” shirt. But good luck to me on the light-colored one.

Thanks Leigh. It’s gonna be a happy birthday for me.

1 comment:

James said...

Friendster told me that it's your birthday today. So - better blow that candle in your cake gently. Be sure you made your wish prior to that.

Have a blast on your birthday! :-)