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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Quite Quaint And Quiet Quezon

(Try saying the title again and again really fast.)

I just came back from one of my best vacations ever. We spent two days and nights at my friend Katski’s place in Guinayangan, Quezon Province. Located along Ragay Gulf, her aunt’s beach house was so conducive to just sleeping and resting and basically not doing anything.

To get to her place we traveled for about 6 hours on land, then we had to take a 30-minute boat ride to the house. As luck would have it, it started pouring as we boarded the boat. But by the time we were nearing the shore, the rains stopped.

The house rests halfway up a hill, so the view from the veranda is fantastic.

This is the view of the gulf from the house. This was taken during high tide.

This is the same gulf during low tide. Notice how much water disappears during the shifting of the tides.

On our way to this small abandoned lighthouse in the middle of the gulf. It stands on a piece of rock surrounded by sand bars; it’s a perfect place to go swimming.

The lighthouse up-close.

The sandbar connects to the lighthouse, and one can actually walk from the shore to the lighthouse during low tide.

Two men walking on water.

The beautiful sunset.

Going home, we had dinner at Kusina Salud in San Pablo City. We arrived a little past eight, with no prior reservations. Good thing Jaime personally knew the owner of the house, Patis Tesoro. When she saw him, she immediately had us sit and order even though the kitchen looked like they had just closed for the night. Thank god for Filipino hospitality. (Either that, or we just looked really hungry and tired.)


Mikey Narciso said...

In the last photograph, is that Ruffy in the far end of the table??

joelmcvie said...

@MIKEY: At SINETCH si Ruffy?! I don't know anyone named Ruffy. That's Jaime. =)

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Wiw. Dave is still as hot as alwayz. Sighness.

palma tayona said...

NAPAKAGANDA naman ng lugar!!!!!

yan ang mga uri ng tanawin na masarap umupo lamang at magpinta nang magpinta.

joelmcvie said...

@PALMA: That's why the locale is almost the third major character in Katski's indie movie "Still Life", about a painter and the woman he meets in that beautiful location.

palma tayona said...

uhm, who's katskie? is that a pinoy indie film? wooow...

(okay, back to hermit mode)