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Sacha Guitry once said, "You can pretend to be serious, but you can't pretend to be witty." Oh yes, I'm the great pretender.
(pilot episode: 20 January 2004)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Station Break

And now, a special announcement from the management of this station:

Obviously he’s just not that into me. He’s not even going to read this because he doesn’t even bother to know about The McVie Show even though I’ve mentioned it to him several times. So really he’s not losing out much when I detach myself from him. He may just miss out on some freebies but hey, there will be others. For him, I mean.

And if you think you’re the one I’m referring to here, snap out of it. You’re so vain you probably think this episode’s about you, don’t you? Don’t you?

* * * * *

Back to regular programming.

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