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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Clips From Quezon

(Revised 24 March 2008)

Previously I wrote:

I sooo do not appreciate the new iMovie Apple software. They made it more difficult to edit audio in it—my options are so limited. So I had to “junk” my voice-over annotation of the video and just let The Go-Go’s “Vacation” take over. Siiigh.

Okay, I now take that back! I finally figured out how to edit my voiceover into the video. Sheesh, this latest version of the iMovie isn’t as user-friendly as the previous one, but then again, when it comes to editing software I’m still very much an Avid fan.


ming meows said...


joelmcvie said...

@MING: Yeah I know. At a certain point in day two, we were all just infected by the virus called Tamaditis Tulogus. It was more enticing to just lie down, relax and sleep instead of taking photos or videos, hahaha!